Why Buda?

We want to make Buda even better!

Nestled deep in the heart of Texas, Duda discovered Buda (say that five times fast) while preparing for SXSW and scoping out the surrounding area. Of course, we immediately fell in love with the name, but also realized Buda was the perfect place to test out our powerful multi-screen website builder DudaOne!

According to CNN, Texas is America’s capital for small business and Buda is a shining example of why. With the amazing tech town of Austin just 20 minutes away, Buda’s witnessed incredible growth in both their number of small businesses and population, and we figured you could use some new websites to go with all those new businesses. We just can’t wait to get a bunch of Buda businesses on desktop, tablet and mobile!

Plus, how can we pass up visiting a town famous for wiener dog races!


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