Terms of Service

Duda Loves Buda Consent Agreement 

I, the submitting person, as an authorized representative of, the company I have submitted, (“Business name”) do hereby give Duda, Inc. (“Duda”) permission to use images of Company’s Internet website and mobile website as examples on Duda’s and others’ websites, promotional displays and promotional materials (“activity”).

I understand and agree that Duda will not be providing compensation for this grant of permission, other than the increased goodwill associated with others’ viewing images of Company’s Internet website and mobile website.

I also hereby release, hold harmless and discharge Duda of all liability, claim, loss, damage, cost or expense related to this activity. I waive any such claims against Duda or any such person, arising directly or indirectly from or attributable in any way, to any action or omission to act of Duda or others persons in connection with this activity.

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